About Eddie Boy

About Eddie Boy

Organic Farming Innovation

Meeting Eddie Boy Woerner is more than refreshing! His charismatic personality shines through as he proudly shares stories of his family and the journey he has traveled to transform organic farming.

Historically, the Woerner Family has been farming American soil for over 100 years. It began when Fred and Emma Woerner immigrated from Germany to New York City in 1915, settling in South Alabama to start their family. As the eldest grandson, Eddie Boy followed his birthright and became a farmer, inventor and visionary. He invented machinery that was key to the Company’s survival during challenging times for the farming industry, including natural disasters and the hardships incurred by inflation of the mid 1980’s. Recognizing the growing need for sod, Eddie Boy and his family added turf farms into their line of production, boosting the Woerner Farm to become the key supplier of premium quality sod and turf grasses in the Southeast; with farms spanning from Baldwin County, AL to Colorado and as far as Hawaii.

Due to his stellar reputation, Eddie Boy is called upon to solve problems in the turf industry. Super Bowl XLI, Miami, was one of those times. The turf would not hold up to the torrential rain that had pummeled South Florida and the football field in preceding days to the big event. The NFL found themselves in a desperate and urgent situation. Eddie Boy was called in to help, installing a Woerner Turf that not only held up during a rain-soaked game but had no issues that would impair the players footing or increase mud holes. His proven track record opened the door to team up with the Chinese government and provide turf for their National Stadium, also known as Bird Nest Stadium, in Beijing. Built originally for the 2008 Olympics and now hosting football, soccer and other events.

After the tragic loss of his daughter to breast cancer, Eddie Boy set his sights in a new direction, to become an advocate for organic farming. It was Brenda, his daughter, that inspired him for this critical need to impact change on BIG AG and the harmful state of conventional farming. He tirelessly modified today’s technology to develop a prototype to treat soil through the process of steam, thus eliminating weeds, nematodes and the widespread use of pesticides. Shortly after the steam machine’s launch, UC Davis, an Agriculture and Sustainability Institute in California, came calling Eddie Boy to use his machine on California farms. The results are staggering, increasing production of growth and yield in Strawberries by 40% across fields treated with steam.

While the excitement of pasteurizing soil in the industry of organic farming is growing in popularity, the resolve that there will no longer be a need for the harmful and fatal use of pesticides to our food is revolutionary. Eddie Boy is currently modifying the design into a more compact, environmentally conscious machine while maintaining its power. With hard work and determination, that defines his namesake, you can believe that the Eddie Boy Steaming Green Machine™ will one day be as much of a household word as Coca-Cola®.

While visiting Eddie Boy’s restaurants, Flippers Seafood & Oyster Bar or here at Ole Franco’s Coastal Italian, be sure and request a free sample of Eddie Boy’s Homemade IceCream™, a recipe past down for generations not to be missed!